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“You're never going to kill storytelling, because it's built into the human plan. We come with it.”


- Margaret Atwood


Humans need to connect

with each other, and with things that matter. Stories are the bridge.


Stories help unlock better leadership, strategy,  communication, business development, public policy, social enterprise, and design. Most importantly they defy reduction. Stories are the ultimate people technology.  

There’s an art to stories but also craft and science: core principles of how to make them work. Our role as story specialists is to help human beings shape great stories in practical, effective, no-bullshit ways.  

Strategic stories shape value

The most powerful narratives bring people together to achieve mighty things. They're humanity's moon shot. Our get-out-of-bed. Our empathy engines. 


These stories are easy to find: look at almost every beloved brand, purposeful organisation, and rising social movement in the world today. But they’re harder to shape. They often require a shift in perspective.

We believe in casting a wide net during strategic story development. We respect tools such as Start With Why and the Single Organising Idea, and draw on aspirations like the UN Development Goals; but as story junkies we also love the human truths that underpin classical drama, beloved movies, and mythic narrative journeys. Narrative design, a discipline that has emerged strongly with the rise of digital interactive experiences, provides the conceptual framework. 


We deal first and foremost with the humans in front of us, bringing our toolbox to honest, fruitful collaborations.

The shift to storymaking will change the world

We believe a narrative revolution is underway. Telling stories in a noisy world isn’t always enough. Collective storymaking is the future of positive change.

Storymaking requires no boundary between creator and audience. Customers go deep into product/service development; employees reshape workplaces from the ground up; everyone becomes better storymakers and value creators in the narrative age.   


People across different ecosystems from social enterprises to digital startups to videogames have led the  storymaking revolution and unlocked enormous value doing it. We want to be part of what comes next.

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