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and take your 'why' to the world.
Hi, I'm Colin 'CJ' Rowsell
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As the Director of Man on Fire Consulting I help bold & unusual leaders like you shape positive change, as your strategy and delivery ally.

Strategy | Narrative Design | Leadership | Delivery | Neurodiversity

I'm an experienced senior operator across fast-moving, high pressure environments in both public and private sectors. My specialty is linking strategic narrative through to programme delivery, finding the clarity to get organisations from 'why' to 'how' and 'next'. Messy realities? That's where greatness happens!  

I'm actively looking for ambitious teams to work with especially in tech, govt, interactive media, and wellbeing. Please check out the video and say hi to learn more, or take a look at my approach and work. 

We now have clarity on the product vision, the type of company we want to build, and a framework to communicate that to the world!

Nicole Tiefensee | co-founder of Runn

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