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Wellington, New Zealand is my home. It’s a strange and beautiful city at the edge of the world where people shape new ways to do things. Down on the waterfront there’s a stone slab with engraved words from the poet Lauris Edmond:  


"It’s true you can’t live here by chance. You have to do and be, not simply watch or even describe. This is the city of action, the world headquarters of the verb —"


I work with people around the world, but Wellington is the heart of my story.

Colin Rowsell, Managing Director

I grew up in South Auckland, New Zealand. I never quite felt that I understood the world so had to learn various strategies for navigating it, helped by my loving and patient Mum. Years later I would realise that this is a deeply shared experience for many people, and that 'neurodiversity' is likely the norm.

I founded Man on Fire because the things that get me out of bed in the morning are all about restless humans trying to change something for the better. I want to be part of that, over and over again. 

My core lived values revolve around the ‘team of uniques’: the ways in which people can be supported in achieving ambitious goals together through accountability, integrity, compassion, first principles thinking, trust, humour, and collective growth. 

I love stories of all kinds and in my 'other life' I've  done work in film, animation, theatre and the video game industry.

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My Trusted Network
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Jo Fitzgerald

 Senior leader and coach driving positive change in stakeholder engagement, helping people work together and get things done.


David Craig

Software developer working to build systems and tools for a human future. Especially interested in new ways of working together.

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Trishula Entertainment

Seattle-based game design consultancy offering support to compelling interactive experiences at every stage of development.


Somar Logo.png

Somar Digital

NZ's leading citizen experience agency, helping offer social services to people through digital technology.


SBA Strategy + SBA Communications

Our vision is to help our clients turn strategy into action to deliver positive outcomes for all New Zealanders- focused on simple, clear and compelling communications.

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