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Rochelle Alagar | co-founder of Wellington Chocolate Factory and Mushroom House

" There is no textbook for making something new. Colin understands this. During Wellington Chocolate Factory’s startup period he helped bring together our strategy, our people, our message, and a thousand tough decisions on the way to success. All with the highest integrity. I would recommend Man on Fire to anyone. "

Mark Ash | CEO at Totara Learning

"As a high-end story specialist, Colin understands the challenge of developing strategic narratives that truly drive commercial outcomes. He brings a fantastically deep, insightful set of tools to solving for growth."

Fiona Reid | CEO at Somar Digital

" Colin has helped guide the company through significant growth and change in a complex environment. He genuinely understands what defines an effective team culture, not only within the leadership team, but also the wider organisation. I have valued his industry insights & strategy to meet the moments.

This was never more apparent navigating decisively our COVID response and now steering our team into the new world of recovery.
On a personal level, Colin acts with tremendous integrity and humanity. I have found him incredibly empathetic, caring, encouraging and supportive. He is a fantastic listener and constructive problem solver.


Nicole Tiefensee | co-founder of Runn

" We were gearing up to a seed funding round. At the time, we were deeply caught up in the day-to-day, and without a clear purpose or direction. 

Colin helped us step out of that and think about the big picture. He was fantastic at assessing the key strengths of our team and helped us tease out the "why" of our business. 

Colin's a fantastic facilitator and doesn't shy away from asking hard questions. 

Thanks to his guidance and structured approach, we now have clarity on the product vision, the type of company we want to build, and a framework to communicate that to the world!"


Jeremy Dean | founder of riders&elephants, creator of the Emotional Culture Deck

" Riders&elephants is an ambitious, purposeful business that’s been globally focused from day one. Without Colin’s support and the Man on Fire team we would not have grown as fast & sustainably as we have to date: they’ve helped us find the path throughout our (often messy) early-stage evolution with strategic advice, brand & story development, and deeply human leadership experience. 

Because Man on Fire shares our core values they get what we’re about, our vision, and where we want to go. Working with Colin has been a true partnership."


Peter de Boer | PdB Consulting

" The Man on Fire team are smart and hugely perceptive, with a relaxed and practical style. 

Building a new business, I needed to extract the noise in my head and order it into a genuine strategic story. Colin and his network helped me get there: the who, why, what and how are now front of mind every day, guiding me as I grow the company. "

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