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We help you crystallise your high-level narrative. 

A great organisational story is the strategy: the heart of your value offering that powers success in pitching, recruitment, product/service design, securing investment, and going to market. 

We shape this by working with leaders to bring teams, investors, and stakeholders together around a compelling mission using narrative design.

Our main focus is startups and early-stage companies, but we also bring outsider perspective to institutions.  

Wherever you’re at, the stories we shape together will better join your 'why' to your 'how': purpose and value with execution and results.


1. Develop your story

Strategic narrative design

Who are you? What're you doing, and why? How are you built around the needs of your customers or stakeholders? Are your leaders and teams aligned on this?

To help you develop your story we offer one-off consultations, workshop programmes, and client partnerships.

2. Succeed with the right tools

Purposeful messaging

Unlock better conversations with employees, clients, customers, and investors. 

Value propositions & pitching

Every product or service is shaped by a promise. Every investment pitch is a tale of value creation.  


To help your communication, capital raising, development, and go-to-market, we offer custom story toolkits and engagements built around solving your challenges.  

3. Take on the world

Strategic growth advisory

Early and mid-stage growth is like riding a rollercoaster in the dark. We've been there, working with passionate, ambitious people to help their world-changing possibilities stay on track.


Man on Fire is first and foremost about partnerships and long-term value creation. To help you on your journey we offer experienced advice across management and governance, including advisory board and directorship service. 


There is no textbook for making something new.


Colin understands this.

Rochelle Alagar | co-founder of Wellington Chocolate Factory and Mushroom House

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