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I help bold & unusual leaders shape positive change. 

Strategy & messaging | Startup & scaleup advisory | Neurodiversity

Building things is hard. As a leader, whether you're pushing a new business uphill, or reaching the next phase of growth, or dealing with a complex initiative, you'll sometimes reach a point where things just aren't coming together: you've got a great starting point but you and your team are struggling to shape that into a clear, strong mission that drives sales traction, recruitment, and investment.

So for instance: 
...we've got a team of five, six months' runway (if we're frugal), and a great product... but as CEO I'm the only one that can sell it. And my charm's not going to get us to real product/market fit by itself. 

...we're a good agency with a solid track record. But we don't stand out in this shrinking market. We need to come together around a real strategic purpose that gives us focus and depth. 

... the leap from 20 to 50 people is killing us. Feels like juggling chainsaws. 

...hundreds of customers through our partner networks. But now we want to go direct, because our investors need higher margin. And that's revealing all sorts of issues... we're losing sales because there's a dozen opinions about what we actually offer. 

These are the kind of problems I help solve. 

I'm an experienced leader & strategic advisor across fast-moving, high pressure environments including multiple successful startups, the hypergrowth fintech Xero, NZ housing crisis, Canterbury earthquake rebuild, and (most beloved) the Wellington Chocolate Factory. This has made me highly adaptive and good at finding the way forward through uncertainty, no matter the challenge. 

I'm especially good at building trusted relationships with unusual leaders including highly intelligent, neurodiverse individuals. This has included Head of Strategy, Board Chair, and mentoring roles. 

Connections often start with a chat. I'm completely upfront about what I think you need and whether I'm the best person to help. Fractional work is my preferred style of engagement: this is where I'll work with you and your team on a regular basis, such as one day per week, giving you access to experienced support but also the ability to control costs.  

Take a look at some things I've helped with, or a bit more about me, or just say hi. Thanks!

There is no textbook for making something new.


Colin understands this.

Rochelle Alagar | co-founder of Wellington Chocolate Factory and Mushroom House

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