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Redesigning an e-learning leader

Totara is a learning management provider with hundreds of enterprise customers including Samsung, Amazon, Toyota, US Department of Agriculture, UK National Health Service, Deloitte. 

As part of a shift in commercial focus, Totara required a full audit and reshaping of all brand positioning, product language, and content design schema. As Lead Storyteller I led the language-based aspects of this, including new messaging, brand language, copy guidelines, website, and UX copy. This was a massive project whose rollout is still ongoing at Totara. 

Content design & language focus

Putting the old Totara website next to the new one, you can see the huge simplification and streamlining of communication, from visual brand elements to microcopy. 

This was codified in copy guidelines (led by me) and the full brand guidelines (large file, led by Head of Brand, input from me). 


Xero is a cloud-based business platform that exists to change the game for small business worldwide. They've twice been named Forbes' #1 most innovative growth company on earth.
Xero US Apple page
A landing page for a high-profile partnership. 
My role: Global Copy Director leading copywriting, working together with Xero’s Head of Creative and Apple US to achieve final result 
Provided as an example of high-profile key brand messaging. 
Available here (large file)

Beautiful business weekly

A weekly drop of tips and advice for small business owners using Xero. 
My role: copywriting
Provided as an example of crisp, engaging language.
Available here (large file)

Xero ad campaigns
Global and local print campaigns in the UK and NZ markets.
My role: brand platform, copy direction
Provided as an example of brand leadership and above-the-line campaign work. 
Available at right (London Tube), and here (Waikato / Gisborne)

Flipping the global workplace conversation

Riders&elephants, led by Jeremy Dean, exists to create successful, empathy-driven organisations and leaders. The company's tools are used by over 7,000 leaders worldwide in 80 countries.
Emotional Culture Deck hero video
Introducing a new way to humanise the workplace. 
My role: brand platform, creative direction (including video concept and audio brand), copywriting
Provided as an example of product-led brand value expression. 

Better citizen services

Somar Digital is New Zealand’s leading Citizen Experience agency, helping government agencies and not-for-profit organisations offer social services to people through digital technology. 
Overview collateral

A quick introduction for potential clients.
My role: strategic guidance, key messaging, and copywriting
Provided as an example of establishing a B2B services proposition.
Available here

International growth in a delicious social enterprise

The Wellington Chocolate Factory creates social and economic value at every step from cocoa plantation to taste buds.

Wellington Chocolate Voyage campaign
An innovative, beloved, successful crowdfunding campaign.
My role: strategic direction, creative direction, copywriting (video & campaign page) 

Provided as an example of engaging, human storytelling across video, images, and words, including key tag lines. 
Available here

Messaging master

A short, high-level encapsulation of key messages and voice. 
My role: strategic direction, copywriting
Provided as an example of combining messages & voice with situation requirements.
Available here

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Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 7.43.50 PM.png

Starting up the future of work with Runn

Founded by a team from SilverStripe, Spark, Xero, and BMW, Runn is a Kiwi technology startup built around managing time and money in digital projects. 

Runn homepage

Helping drive the decision process.
My role: strategy, copywriting
Provided as an example of digital, SEO-driven webpage creation.
Available here
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