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Make A Blockchain Voting Machine 

Blockchain has powerful implications for creating 'trust-less' governance in projects and organisations. But how do you actually make this work?

Divvy is a simple machine that generates secure, transparent share tokens representing ownership and voting rights. A usable first step that cuts through the complexity of setting up a blockchain.  

DIVVY - operational diagram v.10.png

What Divvy is...

A micro-equity platform built on Hyperledger Fabric

Interest in decentralised, transparent governance has grown rapidly over the past decade. This includes ideas like Teal organisations and experiments like the DAO.

As a decentralised, transparent technology, blockchain seems like a natural fit for managing key governance aspects like ownership shares and voting rights. 

Divvy is a simple working implementation of this. It's a web application that creates a virtual organisation. Within that structure, Divvy manages a secure ledger (the heart of any blockchain) and can issue share tokens to users which can be used for voting or trading.


Divvy is built on Hyperledger,  an open source framework for building blockchain technologies. Hyperledger is very powerful but tricky to actually get up and running. We've done that work for you. 

...and isn't

Divvy's not a public blockchain


Divvy sets up a private blockchain. This means that organisations participating in the network must be explicitly added by the network owner. The compromise involved in this (vs the ideal of pure decentralisation) was one of the most interesting threads we followed in our case study.

Divvy's not a 'DAO in a box'


Divvy isn't a fully-featured suite of tools for running your own Decentralised Autonomous Organisation. It provides workable first steps of setting up your blockchain, bringing users onto the network, and issuing share tokens. Beyond that, there's a whole world yet to build. 

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About Trinsic Labs

Trinsic Labs is a New Zealand based co-operative dedicated to finding the future of work. We believe small, rapid experiments across disciplines offer new paths to creating value. 

We assemble each Labs project team from a trusted network of creators, thinkers, and experimenters. Life is short: move fast and make things.  


Divvy Key Contributors




Software developer working to build systems and tools for a human future. Especially interested in new ways of working together.

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Visual Design

Creator and problem solver making things happen in digital and analog. Creative Producer at Man on Fire


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Strategic story specialist helping people take their ‘why’ to the world. Managing Director of  Man on Fire Consulting.


Divvy by Trinsic Labs  |  © Man on Fire Limited 2021

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