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collaborative innovation.

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Trinsic Labs is a co-operative group of makers and imaginers dedicated to finding the future. We believe in moving fast and making things: creating value through tightly scoped, rapid experimentation across disciplines. 


We assemble each Labs project team from our trusted network of designers, developers, and specialists. We’re especially interested in tools to support organisations and future ways of working.

our projects

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Stakehouse : Human Engagement

Stakehouse is a simple, no-frills solution for getting useful information into and out of stakeholder engagement maps. 

Stakehouse is free and open source software, meaning you’re welcome to use it and modify it how you like within the license agreement. 

Divvy : Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain has powerful implications for creating 'trust-less' governance in projects and organisations. But how do you actually make this work?

Divvy is a simple machine that generates secure, transparent share tokens representing ownership and voting rights. A usable first step that cuts through the complexity of setting up a blockchain.  

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our team


david craig


Software developer working to build systems and tools for a human future. Especially interested in new ways of working together.

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jo fitzgerald


Senior leader and coach driving positive change in stakeholder engagement, helping people work together and get things done.

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kearin armstrong


Creator and problem solver making things happen in digital and analog. Creative Producer at Man on Fire


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colin rowsell


Strategic story specialist helping people take their ‘why’ to the world. Managing Director of Man on Fire Consulting.

working with us

Have a knotty problem you're looking at? We currently run 1-2 Labs projects per year and enjoy sharing what we've learned through consultation, prototyping, and workshop sessions.

Work with Us

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